Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I was browsing my post history to find a link and I discovered one that I wrote back in January 2014. 
Not the one I was looking for, but  take a look!

I could have written this post today! So little has changed and I'm almost ashamed to admit it. 

But on the positive side, changes are in progress, and if you have read recent posts you will know that I am intent on these. One thing that is helping me is Karie Kondo's book 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying'. 
I am 3/4 way through reading and I can feel the mind-shift. 

I will write more about my findings and experience when I start to put these ideas into action, because having a mind-shift is not enough on its own. But for today I have learnt a lesson. That things will not change unless I CHANGE. In the past I have spent hours, nay, days and weeks, sorting books into piles of 'keep', 'pass on' and 'not sure'. I move them from one place to another and feel like I have been really busy. But it has not solved my problem. As my previous post shows! 

And before I go I want to share one more thing with you:

This video. 

Because if you are a creative person, or passionate about something, you may be able to relate to this. I hope it makes you smile as much as it does me!


  1. Hey Sandie, I'm sure so many of us can relate to your post (and the previous one!) and we clog up our lives with keepsakes and items that we keep 'just in case'. I know I do and I want to change this habit of never having space to just simply put something away without rearranging a whole cupboard to fit it in! I have ordered Karie Kondo's book from the library (try before I buy!) but I am 54 in the queue so I won't hold my breath, perhaps a project for the New Year! - and so it continues! xx

  2. I enjoyed the video, I did chuckle out loud several times. Yes I can relate to scrapping hoarding. I have read The Joy of Tidying up & she does make several good points. I really Peter Walsh's books about tidying, sorting & clearing out. Hope you have a good week as you move through your tidying :)

  3. Sandie - that is good if you are getting the mind shift - maybe I will read the book again and get the mind shift myself. I am beginning to sift through the bags of 'stuff' that I collect when I don't know what to do with things (mostly papers), most of the 'stuff' is being recycled. I love that video, I watched it a while ago, it is so funny.

  4. What can I say? I think we all feel your pain. Great to see that video again. It is SO funny and really does put it neatly in a nutshell doesn't it. Lx


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