Monday, 19 October 2015


Some of my recent posts have been about how I want to refocus my time. Let's face it, there are only 24 hours in a day. We will not get this time back and as much as I try, it does not stretch! 

So I decided I need to change habits.  No, the not kind a nun would wear, but the kind that keep me stuck and do not serve me. I want to use these hours more effectively, because I have a list of things I want to do and that seems to grow rather than get smaller! I want to live life to the full and I can only do that by making change.

I am looking for light at the end of the tunnel...

So taking an idea inspired by Julie Bickerstaff I decided to write a list of things that will help me. 

And this is what I plan to do to!

1. Plan my day more.
Since giving up a full time career I choose how I want to spend my day. I feel very blessed. And while I love what I do, I want to do more! 

2. Use my time more effectively by asking 'is there a better way to do this'. Or even 'Do I really want or need to do this?'

3. Continue to be more purposeful when I use social media.
I can easily loose an hour or two or more scrolling through posts just for pleasure. Or avoidance.

4. Check emails and social media at set times.
Not look to see if there are updates throughout the day.

5. Organise and tidy so that I can find things more easily. And live a life that is more spontaneous.

I have put off buying this book since I already have piles of books on my shelves about this subject. They have added to my problem rather than help me organise or declutter!

7. Put ideas from the foresaid book into action.
I know!! I know!!  I re-read what I said about buying books that add to my problem! But I have also read lots of reviews and they are impressive. I also know two or three friends who have used this book and made huge change. So I am hopeful. I will let you know how I get on!

8. Give myself a time frame to complete tasks.
I will prioritise and try to think about what makes me procrastinate or try to avoid some of these.  

9. Set the timer for 2 minutes when I plan. I explained this idea here and I find it works for me. I work better under pressure!

10. Spend time thinking about my dreams and aspirations. What do I want for myself? Do I still want these?  Have they changed?

11. Make goals and action plans. 
Not so my life becomes formulated and dull, but so that these become real and exciting! 

12. Turn the computer off!

13. Spend more time creating.

14. Spend more time with others, creating, sharing ideas and doing things that we love.

15. Go to bed earlier.
16. Not check social media or play games when I should be sleeping. 

17. Blog. Read others. Leave comments. Reconnect.

18. Be more active and less busy.

19. Spend more time doing nothing. 
So that I can be more mindful. More creative.

20. Get rid of things I do not want.
Stop moving them from one space to another so that they still take up room and negative energy. Freecycle/take them to the charity shop. Be active and not busy. 

It is early days but I feel progress is in the making. I'm going to print this list and stick it on my wall. 

And what about you?
What changes would you make so that you get more from your day? I'd love to know. And if you have any tips to share I'd love to know these too!

Thanks for popping by, it's always good to have visitors!
As part of the 30 day Blogging Challenge I will be back tomorrow and I am looking forward to sharing photos of my recent trip and book making weekend. I hope to see you here! 


  1. Wow! great post Sandie. Long list. Good luck. Suzanne

    1. Thank you Suzanne! I need to take small steps and just keep going!

  2. I"m definitely working on "to do lists" these days. Very helpful.
    And trying to give myself time to do things that feed my soul.
    Also using my commute time to listen to my book group book!

    1. It is so important to make time for things that feed your soul Rinda!

      It's great that you can listen to your book group book during your commute Rinda. Sadly my commute used to mean me driving on motorways so I would not have been able to enjoy or concentrate on pleasurable pursuits during that time.

  3. I feel like you looked into my mind and wrote out my thoughts on what I need to do to start new habits!! Thanks for sharing. Please continue to share how you progress. Starting new habits really is challenging. I've been trying to get myself to be more time efficient and quit bad habits. It sometimes feel like I'm underwater trying to walk uphill backwards with a blindfold :D :D :D

    1. Thank you Rubi! A couple of times while writing this post I questioned my motive. Is it going to be boring and make my readers switch off? Because I have said these things before and it does gets boring to me!! Because it does take time and effort to change habits and it's good to know others can relate to this post. It makes me feel time spent writing instead of doing one of the other many jobs on my list was worthwhile!
      I love your description of feeling underwater trying to walk uphill backwards blindfolded. A wonderful image that I can fully understand! Thanks for taking time to comment.

  4. Hi Sandie! First of all, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments! Much appreciated.
    You have a great list there and a great start to changing your habits. Not boring at all! I love posts like this as well as about crafting and sewing. I took a few online classes at There are a few there, but I can thoroughly recommend the goals class to you. I first took it about 5 years ago and we still 'talk' daily about our goals on a forum there. There are about 6 of us still in touch and I have actually met several of them in person - in California, Oregon, New Zealand and France. I now count them among my best friends! I wish you the best of luck in getting a life you love!

    1. Thank you for the link to Simplify, Linda. I will check that out, it certainly sounds interesting. And thank you for your kind comments.
      It's good when you do an online class and connect with others and it's wonderful that a group of you are still in touch after 5 years. Especially as some of you have met in person. Some of my friends do not 'get' blogging or appreciate how people we meet on line can become real friends. You make a case in point here!
      I did a online course last year and one of the best things is the Facebook group that developed out of that. We send happy mail and share what we are doing, as well as links and things we know that will be of interest to each other. I love how the internet makes the world so small.
      Thank you for the lovely comments and revisiting my blog. It is equally appreciated!

  5. Great post title! I'm feeling in a similar frame of mind. My wardrobe has been under scrutiny and a joined in an online wardrobe de cluttering challenge (I knew that reading a book would not work for me, I need small daily challenges!) and it really worked, just a small period of time every day made it a far more do-able task and now when I open the door of the wardrobe I love how neat and easy it is to find things.

    1. Thanks Debs. I know what you mean, I have had good intentions but no action so need to step up with the wardrobe and decluttering. I liked Sian's approach of throwing 6 things a day out. I had a good sort recently and felt quite virtuous but forgot to keep it up! lol
      I like the idea of a neat wardrobe - my daughter did hers recently and she was so pleased with how it turned out. Mind you, my 11 year old granddaughter wasn't so pleased when my daughter did the same to hers!

  6. I've never yet managed to set myself a schedule when working from home. I have something of a structure when I work on magazine projects [very clear about sitting at me desk for 2 days until I'm done!]. But for everything else ... I just can't force myself to follow a timetable!

    I admire your dedication to habit-changing, I hope you reap the rewards!

    1. I don't do it all the time Julie - that would be too work like for me - but now and then it kicks me into action and helps me stop flittering time when I need to focus.

  7. Oh that's a great list that should yield great benefits when you turn the words into action. I particularly could jump on board with 12 & 13. Currently working on 20 and it does feel good. Rooting you on!!

  8. Thank you Susanne! Good luck with your own de-cluttering. It seems so many of us have too much! We should feel very lucky (and I'm sure we do) but it can become negative when it overwhelms.

  9. I'm going down a similar line as you Sandie. Making lists and using planners is the order of the day.. Good luck P x


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