Monday, 10 August 2015


I'm going on an owl hunt..... I'm not scared!     
  No! I was excited!! 
But let me backtrack for a moment.  Did I tell you that I stayed with my blog friend Bernice in Birmingham?  Well, I went for a 3 day book course and did so much more. You see, on our first day we walked from the station to The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) and came across this little fellow: 

Well not so little really.... this is one of the large owls that are currently forming a trail across the city and beyond. It is called
The Big Hoot and after taking photos Bernice and I decided it would be fun to find others.  And so we did!  A few were too far but I think we did really well finding 54 large and 4 small owls in the short time that we had. 

What's more, I was given a personal sight-seeing tour (thank you Bernice!) and despite being a native to the city, Bernice also
discovered parts she has not seen.  We also learnt that these community projects really bring people together.  We chatted to others as we took photos, gave our maps to those who needed them more, and got into conversation on the train with people who heard us talking about the owl trail. 

As an avid photographer I don't need any excuse to get my camera out my bag (ask any of my friends - right Bernice?!) but it is even more fun when there is a challenge and fun to be had.  So, do you have time to come with me? My invitation is for the armchair version, but if you are visiting or live nearby I do suggest you check the real thing out.  Or see if there are trails near you.  I understand there are dragons to be found in Norwich, sheep in Bristol.... but in Birmingham, there are owls.  Lots of them.... so this post is photo heavy, but it is easier on the feet than the real trail so I hope you can stay the course!  Are you sitting comfortably?

The owls all began like this:

And now they look like this:


I loved how some of the owls reflected their location, with design taken from buildings and their surrounding.  And we also enjoyed some of the names:

One Giant Hoot for Owlkind
Twit Choo-Choo
Florence Nightin'owl
and my favourite Tea T-owl

There were more owl photos, more stories. But for now it's time to take a break.  I'm sure you need it as much as I do, if you are still with me of course! And if you are - a huge thank you!!  Your company is appreciated, as are your comments. I have my favourites owls, which are yours? And if you have done a trail or have one near you do let me know.  I may want to visit!
I still have more to share about my time in Birmingham and will be back again soon, meantime, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, you did well to see that many. So far the TARDIS and the red telephone box are my favourites.

    1. An interesting choice Eileen - both of these you can go inside of when they are not an owl!
      I wonder where you'd chose to go in the Tardis ?

  2. a fabulous collection of owls and I love the variation in design - I particularly liked the ones that reflect a nearby building and the owl and the pussycat and the one with a clockwork inner

    1. I like the ones that reflect the nearby building too Helena, and I also liked the buildings themselves too. Some stunning architecture in Birmingham with lots of photo opportunities.

  3. My DD would absolutely love this......and I love the phone box one. Great fun.

    1. It's great fun following the trail Jacky, something I've wanted to do but never have until now. I'd certainly want to do another.

  4. I love owls and these are all fabulous xx

    1. They make a good trail Jo, and so much variation. It was wonderful to see them all.

  5. Wow..that's quite a virtual tour! I think out of all the tours I've seen the owls might be my favourite. Every single one of these is clever and deserves a second look; but the two I like the best are the green patterned one (almost like willow pattern?) and the brown leafy one.

    1. These are two of my favourites too Sian. The intricate detail on some is amazing and I also especially liked the mirror mosaic and shiny one as they made beautiful reflections.

  6. Wow you managed to see so many! What a lovely way to tour the city, I am hoping to get to Bristol to see the sheep before they go.

  7. I think my favourites are the Lloyds bank one [I think that's what it says] and the mirrored one [gotta love a reflective photo op!].

    I never did get round to blogging all my photos of the Lincoln Barons trail! But I do have the photos and the memories - so I guess it's not such a failure!

    I know they're getting a bit ubiquitous these kind of trails ... but that are fun and they certainly add an element of focus to a trip don't they?


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