Friday, 17 April 2015


Hello!  I am struggling to  post at the moment as my main computer has developed a fault and while I have a lap top it is difficult to access the photos and to do the things I want.  I won't bore you with the irritating problems but a replacement part is in the post and I hope to be back on schedule soon.

Don't you just hate technology sometimes! 

I read a friends post yesterday where she spoke about having a love-hate relationship with her blog.  I could relate to this.  I decided in January that I did want to continue with my Project 365 but I am aware that photography has become a large focus in my posts and I have so much more I want to share.  I can't wait to have my computer back in use but meantime I am off next week to the Shetland Islands. I am on a book-making course with the amazing Rachel Hazell, and to say I am excited is an understatement!  I am expecting lack of signal and wifi so my frustration with technology will continue but I hope to catch up on my return.

Meantime my workspace is piled with paper and projects that I am working on and I have made a new journal to take with me which I am really excited about.  I hope you are busy enjoying what ever it is you love! 

Due to my technical struggles I have not always left comments on
blogs that I have visited but I have enjoyed your posts.  Thanks for visiting and I'd be interested to know if you sometimes have a love-hate relationship with your blog. Sometimes I wish I did not commit to posting photos weekly, but I know I will feel a sense of achievement at the end of the year. To use the phrase from Master Mind, I have started so I will continue!! 


  1. Hi Sandie and just sending warmest good wishes for what sounds like an amazing week in the Shetlands! And argh! yes, I had a quick line or two about its vicissitudes on my own blog in the last fortnight. I've never had feelings of hate towards my blog, but have been frustrated by my own lack of understanding about techology - often!

  2. I feel your pain, I would be lost without my computer - but as GM is a software engineer we have 4 computers, so I'm never without one that I can use. I have a very on/off/on/off relationship with my blog, there are times when I can write a post a day for a fortnight, and other times when I struggle to do my weekly photo post - like now! Sometimes there just seems no point and other times I have loads to say. I hope you have a fabulous time in the Shetlands - please bring me back a pony :-)
    Joy x x x

    1. I laughed about bringing back the pony Joy. I think my grand daughters would love that too. Wonder if we would fitt one in the back of my friends Fiat 500?!! lol

  3. Feeling your pain here about the computer too. My laptop, which is my only computer, has started to overheat, so I can only have it on in short bursts and not all day.

    Blogging? I've seen a lot of interest recently in what I've heard is called "slow blogging"..instead of posting on a rigid schedule you post whenever you have had time to put together a really rich post. Certainly I don't worry about posting to my schedule any's post will go up when I've had the time to put it together properly, and if that doesn't happen today, it'll be tomorrow.

  4. While I will readily admit to a love hate relationship with technology, I generally feel more fondly about my blog, although lately it has left me a little uninspired - or is it I that has left it uninspired. At any rate, I hope your techno problems resolve themselves, and you have a great time on your trip. Thanks as always for stopping by my blog, whether you leave comments or not.


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