Tuesday, 10 March 2015


I have a passion for making books so when I saw that Neil Walker was running a workshop in Kent I immediately signed up.  I've always loved his style and the day was even better than I hoped for. 
We were given one of Neil's Book Kit Covers, something I've not used before so this was a good starter. We began by gluing the spine to the front and back.

 Then we were given pages from an old book.  For a moment I thought 'these are too nice to use' and my instinct to save them for something special.  And I realised - THIS IS something special! So I happily glued my papers to the cover and thought of ways that I could keep some of the text showing.

Because next we glued on the detailed layer.  There are two of these in the kit and Neil suggested that we cut one and save the other for a different project. So half was glued to the back, and the other half on the front, framing the area of print I wanted to leave showing.

 Then there was painting to do. A page for making embellishments, and 2 pages for the back and front inside covers.

Later in the day I used one of Neil's rubber stamp range to decorate the inner pages. Now, I don't need any more stamps, but I couldn't go home without buying a couple as I knew I would want to use these again! 

But I have jumped a head, so while we waited for the paint to dry it was time to put the signatures together.

And then to bind the book. 
Our final stages involved painting and decorating the covers. We used paint, stamping, liquid glass, and UTEE, before adding the embellishments that we had earlier made and a touch of Treasure Gold. And here is my finished book.   

 Thanks Neil - I love it!! 


  1. This looks like it was so much fun! And you took photo's! I went on a bookbinding weekend and only took one photo of the finished books!!!

    1. I thought that photos would remind me how I made this book as there was a number of different stages.
      But I don't always remember - I like to take photos of the books made in classes that I run, as it is lovely to have a record, but often I only remember when everyone has left and taken their books with them!

  2. Wonderful transformation from the start to the end - the layering is so visually interesting. Have you decided what to use it for?

    1. Thank you Alexa, it was such fun to make.
      Since it came with the title of 'Home Words for Heart and Hearth' I may use it for inspirational or favourite quotes. I've been planning to gather these into a book.

  3. This looks like a wonderful class.

  4. Looked like a fun day Sandie with a beautiful handmade book to bring home too. P x


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