Friday, 5 September 2014

5 in 5 - September 2014 - WHAT DO YOU SEE?

Welcome to '5 in 5' where on the 5th of

each month I post 5 photos that I have
taken in 5 minutes. 

This weekend we went to a VW event and as always there was a beautiful display of pampered split screen campers with  original or modified retro interiors and bodywork gleaming.  And then you get the Rat Look.  Now I wrote about these here and beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.....   

But look more closely.....
I love the close up of the bodywork.  My mind immediately jumps into 'how can I use this?'  and there are thoughts of background papers, adding textures to some of my photos or manipulating these images in Photoshop. 
I wonder what ideas you might have?   

I know Helena loves to use Photoshop and digital photography and I wonder what she will make of these?  And as these photos fit perfectly into Helena's weekly neme 'Zoom in Zoom Out' I am linking in.  I love the idea of taking two photos of the same object and I often take photos with the idea of sharing on ZIZO.  I really must follow through! 
I hope you are inspired to get out your camera and join in the '5 in 5' photo challenge. 
Here is the plan:

1.  Choose a location.

2.  Have your camera ready.

3.  Set a timer for 5 minutes (I use my mobile phone).

4.  Take as many photos you can until the time is up.

5.  Choose 5 photos to download and share by using the link tool below.
     You have until the 25th of the month to add your photos.

There are more details here.

And one more thing - when you use the link tool, please click on your post title.  This will show the web address. Please right click, copy and paste this as your link.  This will take readers directly to your '5 in 5' blog page and be easier for them to find.

Thank you to those who have taken part so far, I have loved seeing your photos and hope you will be back with more. 

And don't forget, you have until 25th to post your link

Thank you for popping by! 


  1. Love those close-ups Sandie :-)

  2. What I love about these pictures is how the subject really challenges our idea of beauty

  3. These textures are delicious - I was thinking "paper" myself :).

  4. fabulous close up images - they would make wonderful pixel magic textures or abstract art

  5. If you would like to play with these Helena let me know - I have lots like this :)

  6. Brilliant close-ups - these vehicles (and their owners) certainly have character!

  7. These are gorgeous Sandie and I would certainly love to play with them. I'm sure it's just a typo but Zoom In/Zoom Out is in fact Helena's weekly meme. x

    1. Thank you letting me know about the typo Miriam, I know you also love playing with images so I will email these to you. x


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