Sunday, 6 July 2014


As owners of a VW campervan we have become part of a strong community and this weekend saw us at a 'Bundle of Dubz'.  This is a familiar weekend activity for us, and I love the diverse group of people we meet and have come to know.  But todays event was marked by something else, because on our journey we discovered that we were driving along the route of tomorrows le Tour de France.  The cyclists will be coming through Essex and all along the route there were houses decorated with bunting and the stirring of excitement.  I couldn't resist some photos as we travelled and I may go and watch the cyclists as they pass through.  Last time we saw so many cyclists was at the British Olympics, when Haleigh Farm hosted the Mountain Bike event.  But back to today, here are some of the photos I mentioned:


Extra car parking has been set up as roads are to be blocked off for the event.

An elephant decorated with bunting

Barriers are already  in position, the arrows show the cyclists the route.
And as for the Bundle of Dubz....  here are a couple of photos I took.
No - this one is not in need of repair.  This VW is known as a 'Ratty'  and it is meant to look rusty and like this.  People go to great lengths to achieve this look!

In contrast, this is an iconic 'split screen' VW that has been slightly modified!  As the information below shows, it has been shortened by 4ft 10 inches but what it lacks in size it makes up for in engine.   I believe the photo below was taken at Santa Pod race track.  It's raring to go!!

As for our camper - it does not stand out like these. It was designed for practically, comfort and as an every-day vehicle .  It is a second home-on-wheels and we get away in it as much as we can.  And while we did not expect to be placed, for a bit of fun we decided to enter the 'Show and Shine' competition.  The added information on our entry said:

 'We didn't plan to enter, so no shine - just show!' 

Needless to say we didn't come anywhere, but it was a fun day made memorable by the le Tour de France route.  And it was all the better because it was unexpected.  I love it when that happens!


  1. It's been so fun to see my blog friends who are along the route!

  2. Apparently the TDF route passes the house I used to live in at Birds Green, Willingale at 2.30 roughly. I shall be watching ITV to see how much my old home has changed.

  3. Ratty is clearly akin to the grungy look in scrapbooking! A lovely clutch of interesting photos - can't believe someone shortened a van ...

  4. I was watching on TV as the race went past a house I used to live in many years ago, but missed it because of adverts


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