Saturday, 10 May 2014


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Yesterday saw me teaching a book/journal-making class at Crazy Crafting.  And I had a whale of a time! 

Paper play was a new experience for nearly all the ladies attending and it was lovely to demonstrate techniques and give occasional 1-1 instruction...  this is what I love when I am not playing with paper myself.  

One lady discovered a natural talent and love for this.  Her book progressed really fast and she even worked through lunch as she was so bitten by the bug!  If you paper-play you'll probably understand
that it's hard to stop when you get going...

Her book included file tabs and organised sections. She added  different kinds of pockets: some for tags and others deeper for storing all those pieces of paper that she wants to collect.  She already started to fill one, copying templates that she'd used in the making of her book. There was another pocket for a note pad.

The lady who made this book has just discovered a love for creating. She is going to use this as an inspiration book. She ran with my ideas and added a whole list of her own.  Don't you just love when this happens! She also added a page for writing down equipment and materials that she wants to buy.  Gosh, this list was quite long by the end of the class!
I supplied equipment for everyone attending and Pauline and Lesley, who run Crazy Crafting, kindly added some of their own too. This meant there  was a range of different score boards, guillotines and other equipment for everyone to try.  Those attending the class said they found this very helpful and they liked the opportunity to try different equipment and to get opinions from those who use these regularly.
There was a buzz of energy and periods of silence where everyone was absorbed in what they were doing.  What a lovely way to spend a day!  Thank you for inviting me Pauline and Lesley. I can't wait to run another class!
My one-word for 2014 is CREATE.  I decided back in January that this year I will take more action and DO the things that I have planned or thought about.  Running classes has been on my list for a long time. Another tick off my list! 


  1. Sounded a wonderful day Sandie and so pleased it was a success. I so wanted to be there as you know but now waiting for your next workshop. I've started on a couple of books myself but really need some of your inspiration. Well done.
    Patricia x

  2. Delighted to hear of the success of this class, Sandie - your determination this year has really enabled you to create opportunities and run with them too. Many congratulations!

  3. So pleased the class was so successful Sandie, well done

  4. This looks a fabulous book Sandie. Glad everyone had such a good time.

  5. looks and sounds a fabulous day for your participants and you - I can feel the buzz coming off my screen and I read - well done

  6. Fantastic! I'm so delighted for you. Roll on the next one, eh?

  7. Brilliant! So glad it went well - the enthusiasm (your AND your students') just birsts out of the post.

  8. Sounds like the class went really well, all looks great.

  9. Good for you and I am so pleased for you :-)

  10. Sounds like a lot of fun Sandie! I love teaching too, but haven't set it as a priority for now. Some day.

  11. Sounds like a lovely way to spend time! I know just what you mean about the hubbub of creative talk interspersed with silence - we get like that at our crop/crafty get togethers!

    Lovely to hear that there's an audience for creative classes out there! :-)

  12. It sounds as though you got them all rolling along the creative path and they found their own way. That's the mark of a good teacher - kudos.


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