Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Back in March a friend came to my book launch.  As fellow creators we are busy with our own pursuits and in the past we have been on a number of retreats and run workshops together.  We are inspired by each others difference and similarity, and we decided it had been too long since we last got together. 
And so a week later we met at a local quayside. 

One of the Thames sailing barges had opened as a tea room over winter and I had been planning to go.... 


And I discovered I was only just in time.... another week and the tea room was closing it's doors.  The teapots and bunting would be packed away and hammocks hung, ready for another seasons adventure on the sea. But today we could enjoy the experience of sitting below deck, lunch that did not disappoint, and  catching up. It was a reminder to grab opportunities while you can because they don't always come again.

And outside the sun shone while the crew painted sails and started to prepare the deck. Much of the work would have been done over winter, rigging checked, ropes replaced, painting and varnishing done. And for me, the excitement of soon seeing barges under full sail, trying to recognise familiar names as I watch from the shore, and hoping that I will get a chance one day, to sail on one again.  

Meanwhile it was too good a day to part and go our separate ways. And so we finished our day at the pub watching the tide creep in, and  we decided to meet again soon.  And we have, and will.


  1. What a wonderful idea and a great use of the boat while not being used for its main purpose. So pleased that you enjoyed your day with your friend and that you'll now be meeting more regularly. x x

  2. It certainly looks like a great day out. One of my ambitions is to persuade the rest of the family to take a barge holiday

  3. What a lovely spot for a tea room. The pictures are all fabulous.

  4. Brilliant idea for a tearoom - I'd have been in there like a shot too :). And a great place to reconnect with someone and plan future adventures.

  5. What a great day. Those snaps are fabulous - and that food looks fabulous as well.

  6. Ooo, I would like tea there, for sure!
    Love your photos of the tearoom & preparations to sail. I never knew those red barge-sails were painted!
    Great post Sandie!

  7. Love it Sandie. I was here a few weeks back (recognise the Thistle). I would so love to take afternoon tea on the barge, it sounds blissful.
    Patricia x

  8. What a brilliant place to host a tearoom.


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