Monday, 5 May 2014

5 in 5 - April 2014 - V DUBS

Welcome to '5 in 5' where on the 5th of
 each month I post 5 photos that

I have taken in 5 minutes.

 Yesterday we visited a local VW show. It was a 4 day event and we would liked to have stayed throughout but sadly I had too many other commitments this time. But it was good to catch up with other  enthusiasts and to admire their V Dubs.  Now, while I am not interested in the engines, performance etc. (I leave that to my son and husband) I do love seeing how everyone personalises their vehicles and how different they are:
These are not rusty and neglected.... they are called the
'Rat Look', the aged look is what it is all about. 
See how low these are to the ground?  Well I have seen lower! 
 Don't ask how they negotiate speed bumps, though I have seen some
with hydraulic suspension so the vehicle can be raised to drive.  

Then there is the homely look. I imagine they tuck those teapots away safely when they drive!

The paintwork of this one has a hippy-feel.
 Inside though it was very up to date with curved U shaped seating and leather upholstery.  Can you see the TV in the middle of the seat back?   Part of the upholstery is removed when the TV is in use, a clever design and use of space.

Back to the 'Rat Look'. 

Personally, I prefer the shiny!! 

As well as meeting interesting people and enjoying a festival atmosphere these shows give me  great opportunities for taking photos.  I am always inspired and I love the diversity and amount
of creativity I see. Can't wait for the next one and we have plans to stay next time!
Thank you for popping by and to everyone who has taken part in this monthly challenge.  I really look forward to seeing your photos and I hope you are inspired to get out your camera and join in. Here is the plan:

1.  Choose a location.

2.  Have your camera ready.

3.  Set a timer for 5 minutes.

4.  Take as many photos you can until the time is up.

5.  Choose 5 photos to download and share by using the link tool.
   You have until the 25th of the month to add your photos.  
And if you want to know more there are details here.

One more thing - when you use the link tool, please click on your post title.  This will show the web address. Please right click, copy and paste this as your link.  This will take readers directly to your '5 in 5' blog page and be easier for them to find.

And don't forget, you have until 25th to post your link!



  1. Fascinating - I love the idea of a camper van festival - but I'm with you on "shiny" over "rat" !

  2. What a splendid collection! I love that photo of the grungy ones all in a row - I confess to quite liking those :). Though the homespun one with teapots comes a close second ... These photos are lovely - good enough to be in a Country Living magazine.

  3. In my previous incarnation I was co-owner of one of these, orange XUR 504M, please let me know if you ever come across it.

    1. I will keep my eye out Joy! There is a group who record the history of VW's. One man we spoke to yesterday bought his split window 6 weeks ago. He planned to rip out the interior and replace it, but luckily he did some research first. He found his very vehicle had been last off the production line in 1960. He has lots of documentation and records, and discovered a photo of senior people shaking hands in front of his van, marking the end of an era. His interior is completely original and the last ever produced! He also discovered it spent 20 years in California and he can track it's ownership from the beginning. What a find!! The seller didn't mention any of this so they might not have been aware. How fortunate the new owner has done some research before taking it apart. He now plans to respray back to the original colour paintwork colour. If I find out where this history is found I will let you know.

  4. This looks like a real fun the writing on the second last one.

  5. oh my aren't they lovely. I want to go glamping!

  6. What a fun day out with your camera. I definitely prefer the shiny sort but the curtains & soft furnishings are perfect for me! Love the reflection in the last one. Is it you?

  7. What a great subject for a "five" fact, i'd happily look at another five. Or more. maybe another post ? :)

  8. Lovely photos Sandie. Shame I missed this show, another time perhaps. My 5 in 5 later this week I hope.
    Patricia x

  9. What a great set of photos, I love camper vans although I would probably get a motorhome now if I could :-)

  10. what fun - love how they are so personalised


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