Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I was really touched by the encouraging comments I received following my stand at the recent Book Art Fair.  Thank you! It is wonderful to feel that I am being cheered on.

I did not have time to unpack afterwards because I was busy making a commissioned book and getting ready for more making at this weekends retreat.  What joy!!  Creating from dawn until dusk is my idea of heaven, especially when I share this time with my blog friends Alexa and Ruth, and other special friends who I see more often.  And then there is home cooked food served to us with no thinking about
preparation or washing up.  What can I want, except more of the same!  But that will come soon as other retreats are booked and looked forward to.  Lucky me!! 

As well as admiring and being inspired by other people's creativity I used time this weekend to make a book using file folders. I bought a pack of these last year and the idea has been growing since.  I have learnt that I work best under pressure or promise, and so I let others know that I planned to do this and invited anyone who was interested to join me.  Friday night I played, and next morning the idea had developed.  There was more response than I anticipated and after showing my example and the construction everyone went off to create their own book.  I loved how each one was so different and unique, and how everyone can start with the same design and make it their own.  Here's mine:

Each page has a side pocket and I made the insert extra wide.  This folds and creates another page, creating extra space for photos and journaling.  The file folders are really strong when covered with paper and form a great base to work from. I'll be using them much more in future.  Seeing these photos reminds me that I planned to share the story of my solo Road Trip.  This was an adventure that led on to other things, including more road trips planned for this year on my own. So I'll save that for another time, a long with more photos of my books at the Book Art Fair.  

While on my retreat I took the opportunity to take photos for 5 in 5, another month passes and it's nearly time for a post. Where does the time go?  At least the clocks have gone forward and we are enjoying lighter evenings and a splash of spring.  Thank you for popping by....


  1. Great book Sandie!...it was good to catch up at the weekend. M x

  2. Oh this looks great Sandie - am so glad you had a great weekend.
    Looking forward to more :-)

  3. Oh Sandie this looks fantastic I love it. You certainly had much fun on your retreat and really wished I could have made it. Never mind another time. Hoping to get back into 5 in 5 again this month.
    Patricia x

  4. Wow, that file book is gorgeous and no wonder it was popular. I am retreating too, it's magic isn't it (and has also given me time to even look in my bloglovin feed...there is about a 1000 posts in there so apologies for missing some other of your posts I have had a rotten busy time at work.) I went back to look at your book fair post, many congratulations on the commission :-) xxx

  5. Sounds like you had a great time and I love your book Sandie . You have a real talent for them x

  6. You are lucky indeed! A retreat with a group of crafting friends sounds wonderful. I love what you have done with the file folders. You are very talented

  7. it was a great mini book and I really appreciate the time you took to demonstrate it to a newbie beginner at making mini books! I love it though DD said 'but it has only got dolphins in it!!' cracked me up!

    1. Does your daughter have a point Ruth?!
      At least you found a good use for all your dolphin photos LOL

  8. You know how much I love your mini books Sandie! This is lovely! Any chance of a tutorial on your blog sometime?!

  9. It's in the planning, Debs! Watch this space


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