Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I love days like today!  

A day off work.

With friends.

Just to do what we please.... 

After throwing around ideas we decided on a visit to The Craft Barn in Surrey.  Now, I have planned to go here for a l-o-n-g time and suddenly I make two visits in 4 days! But that's a story for another time....  

We arrived at The Craft Barn and there was a surprise in store. Because unbeknown to my friend Jill, I had arranged to meet one of my blog-buddies there. It was lovely to see Jill's look of surprise when Ruth arrived! We had all met earlier this year at a residential in Milton Keynes. It was so good to catch up with Ruth again and we all managed to browse, spend money and admire the wonderful supplies. 

Ruth had an appointment so the three of us went to lunch in a pub. And then we explored Godstone, a beautiful village with a green and pond, and an antique shop where I bought a lovely wall mounted candle holder. It will look lovely in the garden and it is rusty and aged, so just the effect I want. 
We then went to the village church, where there is a pirates grave. 

The story goes that the pirate was buried in an unmarked grave and this was the start of strange happenings... until eventually he was
reburied and given a Christian service. 
And next to this church there was another... 

a small church set in grounds with a row of almshouses.  This was an unexpected find and there was much photo taking.... 

We also found a lovely tea room overlooking the village green.  It was featured in a magazine, and the warm welcome and home made cakes certainly lived up to it's reputation. 

The sun shone from start to finish, and it was a lovely relaxing day. Batteries are restored, good company enjoyed, and I bought home many happy memories and lots of photos.  Oh!  And of course... I mustn't forget the lovely papers, dies and other lovely things I bought in The Craft Barn.  I filled my loyalty card in just two visits and now have a £5 voucher to spend.  Must go back soon, me thinks!!   

Days like today are precious to me.
Time with special friends, wind down time, doing things I enjoy most. 
So it is fitting to add it to Sian Fair's monthly
 'Story Telling Sunday: Pick your Precious'. 

There are other stories to read so why not take time out for yourself and pop over?



  1. a great description of your precious day Sandie I wish I had been able to come to the pub and or the tea shop as I had such a boring lunch at my meeting!! Hope to join you at the Craft Barn another time (or somewhere else!!) xxx

    1. I wish you'd been able to join us for lunch or the tea shop too, Ruth, but certainly we will arrange for another time! It was lovely to see you xx
      I will email some photos that I took.

  2. What a wonderful day, I haven't been to the Craft Barn for ages, not good for me, but good for my purse. Loved the pirate story there is a pirate Benjamin Hornigold (father in law dropped Horni bit from name) he gave Blackbeard his "break" in pirating..google it, fascinating.

    1. Thanks Dawn, I'll check pirate Benjamin 'Gold' out.
      He's not related is he?! LOL!!

  3. It's awhile since I've been to the Craft Barn....I love it there.

  4. Its sounds like you had a very precious day!

  5. That does look a gorgeous day out Sandie, perfect to have a bit of stash shopping too :) x

  6. Sounds like a brilliant way to spend a day!

  7. A precious day indeed..one of those ones I would call a "Diamond Day". Thanks for taking us with you..I almost feel like I got to do a little shopping myself

  8. Sounds like the perfect day, Sandie...and how great to get to meet up with Ruth again!
    Alison xx

  9. What a great day out. I love cemeteries.

  10. What fun that you shared your adventure with us. A craft shop and a tea shop - what a precious day that must have been. And you have an "excuse" to repeat at least part of the visit. I hope you enjoy the next outing as much, I am sure you will - and do please tell us about it too.

  11. What fun - and how lovely to surprise Jill like that! Looks like you treated yourself too :-)

  12. What a wonderful day you had! You have some beautiful photos there and I love the one of the pirate's grave and the story to go with it!

  13. I love tea rooms. This sounds like a perfect day to me!

  14. Had a lovely day Sandie. Just need a new knee to enable me to keep up!

  15. Had a great day Sandie. Just need the new knee to enable me to keep up!!


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