Saturday 11 May 2013


There is more Happy Dancing here!

A few weeks ago Sian asked if anyone would be interested in taking part in a swap of very small things. Now I love swaps and challenges so immediately signed up.  This morning a package arrived from the US and I knew it was from my swap partner, Susannah.  Imagine my excitement! 

 Especially when I opened the envelope and found a tissue wrapped package with beautiful tape. Now anyone who knows me will guess that my immediate thought was 'how can I remove that gorgeous tape so I can upcycle it'! 
                       Do you ever do this? 

Then, having peeled back the wrapping, my eyes popped! 

So many little goodnesses!  All carefully and beautifully put together to make an art piece in their own right. Susannah had used a temporary tape and sticky pads to secure everything into place - it was so creative and well done!  There were tags and buttons, ribbon, embellishments (I love those little wooden camera's!)and 2 stamps.

Did Susannah know how much I love birds? I know already the bird stamp will be very well used!

I didn't know where to begin... but as usual my instinct is to grab the camera first and look after. And when I deconstructed the page there was layer upon layer of gorgeous small things...  A HUGE thank you to Susannah!! 

This weekend I planned to declutter and re-organise my cabin This was the ideal time to put together a swap of small things for my partner.  But there has been a strong distraction.  Jennifer is posting hourly as part of her Onwards and Upwards weekend and there are so many give aways and fun challenges.  I have been glued to the computer all morning!!  I really must tear myself away and face the clutter.  But I will be back and if you've not already visited Jennifer Grace Creates then you might want to see what you are missing!
Thank you to Sian too for organising the swap. It's no wonder it is hard to be away from the computer when there are so many lovely people in Blogland doing such lovely things. Happy day!!  Oh... and my 365 magazine arrived in the post too so I have something to look forward to when I have done some work in the cabin.  Hope your day is good too. Now it's time to go.  Yes.  Really!



  1. So many lovely things,Sandie....I'm loving this swap.

  2. wow that is a wonderful swop loving all the brown/neutral colours and so many interesting bits! I too have been spending lots of time with Jennifer and I will also be more distracted as I also have Scrap 365 to read!

  3. Oh wow, that is gorgeous :) You will enjoy it, now have you been good and been in your cabin? :D x

  4. you will have such fun using all those lovely goodies! M x

  5. I dropped my envie in the mail this week - hope my partner likes the assortment. I was surprised by how much fits in a small package.

  6. I've just started putting my package together - I'm so behind! I haven't had my 365 yet though and it is now Sunday... hmmmm.... Thanks for stopping by my blog for the hop!

  7. Wow, that was fast work by S and the Postal Service! It looks like a gorgeous collection

  8. So glad you enjoyed it, Sandie. It was such fun to pull it together, and so hard to not keep adding and adding. I hope you find them useful on your pages and projects. Hugs from over here!

  9. How lovely! Nd it will e fascinating to see all these lovely things turning up on your pages too...

  10. What a wonderful collection..enjoy using them!
    Alson xx

  11. You got a very nice assortment and so pleasingly arranged. My partner may be a bit disappointed now that she's seen this!! Although I didn't think to arrange things so artistically, at least there are some unusual things to enjoy!!

  12. What a great parcel. I'm just following some of the links on Sian's tying-up post; I managed to miss this when you first posted it, but I've caught up now!
    I was lucky enough to win a prize from Susanne last year - it was a "Counterfeit Kit" from the Counterfeit Challenge blog. It was stuffed with gorgeousness, so I know just how you felt when your happy mail arrived!
    I hope you've been having a lovely time with all that treasure Sandie!

  13. Some lovely goodies in your package. The frame stamp looks gorgeous!


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