Wednesday, 20 June 2012


20th June

Why is it when you want to find the words they don't come, and when you haven't much to say, they do?  Oh well.... no time for pondering or feeling frustrated, because today is my 2nd blogiversary.  Last year I organised a Blog Hop which was such fun but sadly time means I need to celebrate in a different way this year.  Hopefully I can do a Blog Hop another time.....  

Looking back at my posts this year I realised how many things I had achieved.  Some of these started as a thought, a page torn out of a magazine, or an idea written in a notebook

Or, in this case, a post: '5 Things 5 Years from Now'.   And I have a big smile because it could have read '5 Things 1 Year from Now'.  Because all those things have been achieved and other things too:

My first art journalling pages

A trip to Sark (a long time wish)

Collection of our campervan (f-i-n-a-l-l-y!)

Taking part in Pass the Book, as well as sending and receiving good mail.  

And we also spent time in North Wales.  It is our son's favourite place and he had been wanting to share some time with us there ever since he fell in love with the area.  When we went up Mount Snowdon we discovered someone had driven their car near to the summit.  It seems the owner had it on his list of 50 things to do before you die.  I can think of other things I'd put on my list.... and they would be less adventurous as I don't need adrenalin buzzes.  You see, I am happy with the simple things of life, and being  spontaneous or finding ways of managing the mundane keep me satisfied.  If I had a list it would feature travel, family, creativity, and of course photography, so driving a car up a mountain would not be included (although finding a route might be described as creative).  

And on my list of 'things to do today' it would include a Giveaway.  As I like to be spontaneous this has not been planned since I also like giving and receiving surprises!

So, just leave a comment, letting me know which of the above links you liked and why.

I will choose a name from random on Friday 29th June.  

There is a second Giveaway offered to the first person who  can say what my Word for 2012 is.

Thank you to everyone who follows, comments or reads my posts.  I feel part of a wonderful network and never cease to be inspired, amazed, and touched by your own writing and creativity.  And by the way, I'm interested to know what you might put on your list if you had one!

(Just in case you are wondering how they got the car down from the mountain, it was loaded onto the train that carries passengers and materials to the summit ).  


  1. Sandie your word was Progress and you have certainly made a lot of that this year if reading this post is anything to go by. Happy Blogiversary x

    1. Thank you Karen :)
      As you were the first to mention 'Progress' I'll be in touch about the Giveaway. Yay!

  2. The campervan posts remain a favourite of mine..I just loved the idea of fitting it out exactly the way you wanted.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  3. Congraats on 2 years of blogging! My favorite of the above posts is the one with your first art joutnaling pages. I remember how taken I was with the quote in the first one at the time and the way you incorporated it into the angel. I think I love this post because in your grief you were able to express yourself and create beautiful heart touching art.

    1. Thank you Beverly. I'd wanted to experiment with art journalling for some time and this felt the right moment. It was everything I anticipated: powerful, fulfilling and releasing. Note to self: make time to do more!

  4. Happy Blogversary. I like the one about the campervan as I think I missed this outing one so it was good to see you having fun with it :0)

  5. Happy Blogversary....I really enjoyed your art journaling was wonderful the way you could use the art journaling to help deal with your grief.

  6. Well I'd have to say the link to Managing the Mundane is my favourite - because it was the post YOU did for MY blogiversary last year :o)

  7. I'm just doing some catching up on blog reading ...happy(belated) Blogiversary...I enjoyed the campervan saga- I think that's probably around about the time I 'discovered' you!
    Alison xx


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