Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Yay!  What fun I had making the tags and ? for my giveaway.  And I had as much fun wrapping and posting them!  The little pagackes are now on their way to Natasha and Julia. I know the joy of receiving things through the post and having a letter or package land on the doorstep.  Especially if it is unexpected or something special as opposed to a bill or circular!  And there is just as much joy in giving as receiving so I must do this again soon.  Have a good day what ever you are doing.


  1. They look like fine examples of Mail Art to me :)

  2. Your packages are so cute Sandie, you put so much love & thought into them x

  3. You are so right. It is the anticipation of unwrapping a gift that is so exciting. Well done you for having the energy to run a give away...it must be fun thinking of new things to make and having a reason to make them!


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