Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Weekend Away

On our way to Rye Harbour we stopped at Hastings old town. I love the fishing sheds, a relic of times when land was a premium and fishermen needed to hang their nets. There are some quirky shops that really inspire me and I have decided that Hastings may be a new discovery for me, but it will be a place I revisit from time to time. There is a vernicular lift with wonderful views at the top across the old town and beach. There was also an arts festival taking place, so a good time to visit.

We then went on to one of my favourite spots, Rye Harbour. I managed over 13,000 and 14,000 steps on my pedometer on the two days there, just by enjoying walks along the beach and surrounding area. Always a wonderful place for photography, as the light and sky is constantly changing. I have so many photos now of the black hut with its bright red roof, I never tire of seeing it. Since I waste so much time trying to arrange photos as I want them on my blog, without success, I will add photos of Rye afterwards. I come to realise that this is why blogging feels such hard work to me right now. I know what I want to do but I can not master the technical side of blogging. Urghhh! Anyway, I'll stop here and make a seperate post. Please bare with me as I continue to learn :)

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