Sunday, 15 August 2010


Today's harvest from the allotment. I have added a tea spoon to give perspective. The largest courgettes weigh nearly 7.5lb (3.5kg) and I am scratching my head wondering how to use them all. Last year I made some lovely spicey courgette chutney, marrow & ginger wine and jam, and ratatouille. Moira has suggested a courgette cake, and I use them in every day cooking. But with so many to use, I'd love some new ideas and recipes please. Feel welcome to post here and I'll let you know how many ways I find of using squash!


  1. Those are some rather large veggies! Did you use them all???

  2. Thanks so much for you kind words on my blog! JP is growing much too quickly. Baby feet get me all the time! He is the reason for much celebration!


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