Friday, 30 July 2010



Yesterday I went out with my camera and took photos of different textures. I then used Photoshop to overlay a photo previously taken at a cemetry, and added the woodgrain layer with reduced opacity. I may try out other textures on the same photo to compare effects. It's a good way of experimenting with Photoshop and learning how to use it.

Unfortuantly Monday is the last day of 'Love your Picture, Love your Page' e-course. I thought it was tomorrow, but have been told there will be a final posting on Monday with one or two surprises added. Look foreward to those!

As I've really enjoyed taking part in recent e-courses I have signed up for 'The August Break' run by Susannah Conway. This is an invitation to post photos , without prompts or goals, just a sharing with others. It will be nice to relax for a while and hopefully enjoy more of this lovely summer, while still having a community of friends to share my photos and ideas with.

This week I have a few days planned with friends for creating, and next Saturday my monthly Eclectic Keepsakes Group where Karen Cole will be showing us how to make a mini album. That's right up my street so very much looking forward to that! I'll be posting my finished piece when it is done. Have a good weekend.


  1. This is so peaceful. I am currently taking a photoshop course. I want to be able to do this too.

  2. Hi Sandie - I love this woodgrain texture, must add one to my new 'textures' collection! :-)

    You asked about a font I'd used on a digital page. I've replied via the forum and posted a link there, just to let you know xx

  3. Thank you Marianne. Taking a photoshop course is probably a good idea. I am trying to use a book and YouTube, as well as tips from Shimmele Laine's e-course. It's trial and error but I feel I am slowly making progress. Good luck with your own projects.

  4. Thank you for details of the font Mel. I have downloaded it! x

  5. I love the idea of photographing my own textures then overlaying in PSE... I can't wait to try this...Thanks!

  6. Thanks Mandy. I took some more texture photos this week so look forward to trying them out on photoshop. I loved the 'planned' photos on your blog. Great idea!


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